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who we are

Bluedoor delivers personalized education in a constructive, safe, and enriching environment. Bluedoor is not a school, rather it is a non-profit that organizes and schedules classes taught by high quality educators. Each teacher at Bluedoor believes in the value of every child and works to introduce opportunities to students through dynamic classes. Students in k-12th grade are provided classes covering all core subjects and many enrichments in one location. All Bluedoor teachers are committed to providing classes that get students involved, incorporate real-world skills, and inspire students to reach for success. Bluedoor teachers work with charter schools to give families flexible options for paying for classes which meet state standards through engaging methods. Regardless of background, students will receive STEM and VAPA based education that engages them through their talents and interests in a motivational, uplifting environment.

how it works

Classes meet 1 or 2 days a week in a hands-on environment. Each course provides a complete curriculum including materials so parents do not have to supplement with additional lessons at home. Students participate in in-person learning 2 days a week in addition to completing assigned independent work outside the classroom. All classes have online curriculum so students, parents, and charter school teachers can find assignments, resources, and grades on one management portal called Canvas. 

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Commitment to Students

We believe that all students are capable of success and should be given the encouragement,  instruction, and guidance to achieve that success. Our program is centered around helping each student develop and achieve their goals. Students will be given the tools to help them explore, discovering and succeed. At the high school level, Bluedoor Education will aid students in their academic and career journeys. We appreciate that not all career paths require a college, therefore, Bluedoor will help students explore vocations and careers of all types through elective courses, field trips, mentorships, and internships. 

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Commitment to Parents

At Bluedoor, we respect the parent’s role as the first and primary educators of their child. We believe that parents should be involved in designing their student’s education. We also understand the importance of meeting standards and graduation requirements. Bluedoor’s experienced teachers, relevant class options, and close relationships with charters make this process simple and easy to manage. Bluedoor instructors will give opportunities for students to create quality work samples each learning period. All curricula is easily tracked through our comprehensive online learning management system. Parents can rest easy knowing that their child is learning in a safe, encouraging environment while getting a quality education.

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Commitment to Charters

Charters are a valuable resource to families who are desiring an independent study education. Our course providers partner with charters in communication of student goals, learning standards, and achievements. We work with Charters to ensure that our class offerings meet standards. Standards covered in each class will be easily accessible by parents and charter school teachers. Our high school courses consist of quality options that follow established a-g syllabi, fulfilling the state’s requirements while engaging the students at their level.

Services we provide 

Services for Grades tk-8: 

  • Classes taught by engaging educators with emphasis in STEM and Visual and Performing Arts.

  • Regular use of technology in the classroom aimed to help students succeed in careers of the future.

  • Parent communication and support.

  • Integrated, cross curricular lessons for cohesiveness in different subjects for effective learning.

Services for Grades 9-12: 

  • Courses in core subjects required for high school graduation and university admission which will prepare students for the rigors of college classes.

  • Elective courses concentrated on in-demand vocations like technology, engineering, science, art, and drama.

  • College application navigation and assistance.

  • Internship assistance and placement through our partnership with B-Unbound.

  • Social and community events.

  • Formal graduation ceremony

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