Upcoming Events


Monday, Dec 5th 4:00pm-4:45pm

Hartung's Musical Showcase

Tuesday, Dec 6th 4:00pm-4:45pm

Aubrey Muffett's Improv Class Performance

Wed & Thurs, Dec 7th & 8th Pizza Days

To end this fantastic semester with a special treat, we will have Pizza Days on our last days of classes. Order using the forms below-

Wednesday December 7th Pizza Order Form

Wed k-2nd grade Pizza Order Form

Thursday December 8th Pizza Order Form

Thurs 1st-2nd grade Pizza Order Form

Dec 7th & 8th - Last Day of Fall 2022 Classes

Important Dates for Spring 2023

Jan 9th & 10th 

Spring 2023 Semester Begins


Jan 16th

Martin Luther King Jr Day - No Classes


Feb 10th - Winter Dance

Black Light Disco (8th-12th grade dance)


Feb 13th & 14th

Picture Days for the Yearbook 11am-1pm


Feb 20th-26th 

Bluedoor Outdoor- No Classes


April 3rd-7th

Spring Break- No Classes


April 14th

High School Prom


April 26th & 27th

Last Days of Regular Classes


April 28th

Art Walk


April 29th

Gala & Art Auction - Parent Only Event


May 1st-May 4th

Make-up/Celebration Week - If we have to postpone classes during Spring semester, we will use this week to make up those days. If no classes are postponed May 1st and May 2nd will be Celebration Days. Students will attend classes based on their regular schedule. Each class will rotate through the Bluedoor Bash (yes, that means bouncy obstacle courses and cotton candy!)


May 12th

8th Grade & High School Graduation

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