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Guidance, Support & Resources

I get by with a little help from my friends…

We could all use a friend when tackling important tasks.  Bluedoor Education is here for you, whether you are a veteran or a brand-new reluctant homeschooler.  Our Guidance Department offers a variety of services to help you get started and is available throughout the year. 


Our services include:

  • For All Grades

    • Portfolio management

    • On-time R4 Affidavit Filing with the state

    • Resource direction

    • Re-enrollment into public/charter school

    • Curriculum selection and design

    • Record keeping

    • Grade level assessments

  • For High School

    • Grade books and Transcripts

    • Academic guidance for CA graduation requirements

    • Academic guidance for UC/CSU preparation

And of course, Bluedoor offers classes that fill requirements for all ages and stages.  Please check them out to see how they will complement your in-home learning.


For General Information

Phone: 551-BLU-DOOR (551-258-3667)


For Guidance and Support

Phone: 724-GUIDANCE (724-484-3262)


More Info about Guidance Here


For Individual Instructors 

see our Directory or Teams page.

Read over our FAQs and give us a call today.

How do I sign up for the Guidance Services?

Joining the Bluedoor Education community has a lot of perks! The Guidance Department is offering additional services for families who are not enrolled in a charter school, like help filing the private school affidavit form and record keeping. To sign up for these service, simply register for the service and pay only $5 for k-8th grade and $25 for the high school services which include help with transcript creation.

If I homeschool without a charter school, will my student get credit for the work they did?

For kinder-8th grade, getting credit for student work is pretty simple and we can help you keep it organized. We’ll make sure to list all the classes they take along with the final grade for the class, if applicable. For high school students there’s a bit more work involved because their transcripts may be evaluated by a college or university. For a small fee, Bluedoor will help parents create transcripts, portfolios of sample work, and gradebooks covering each completed class.


Can I homeschool my child with special needs?

Yes. You can implement any current IEPs for your child, or we can work together to assess and plan for your child’s needs anew in the coming school year.

What's the difference between high school graduation requirements and UC/CSU requirements?

High school graduation requirements meet basic California standards to earn a high school diploma in the state.  UC/CSU requirements are set by the university of California system with the goal that students who meet these requirements will be well prepared and more likely to succeed at the university level.  Therefore, the requirements are more demanding than the standard high school graduation requirements. UC requirements are more academically rigorous than the requirements for CSU.
Bluedoor Guidance & Support can walk you through the differences as they relate to your child.​

Vendors partner with the following charter schools

Our course providers work with the following charter schools
as vendors to accept payment for classes:

  • South Sutter Charter School

  • Sequoia Grove Alliance (Clarksville, Feather River, and Lakeview)

  • Cottonwood Charter School

  • Harvest Ridge Charter School

  • Forest Charter School

  • American River Charter School (ARCS)

  • Horizon Charter School

  • Visions in Education 

  • Pacific Charter Institute (PCI) Sutters Peak

  • Twin Ridges (only certain Bluedoor vendors)

  • Arete (only certain Bluedoor vendors)

*Always double check with your charter school to ensure your charter works with our vendors.

**Bluedoor Community is NOT a vendor for any charter schools, we organize courses into
convenient schedules for the benefit of our homeschool community.

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